The New Yorker was answering McConnell’s summary of the

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canada goose coats Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Alle anderen Warenzeichen oder Urheberrechte Dritter sind Eigentum ihrer jeweiligen Inhaber. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.. And what a glimpse into the anger that has consumed the Senate.Merkley’s move, though, is nothing for nastiness compared to the sliming of the majority leader, Mitch McConnell, that was delivered on the floor of the Senate Tuesday by Chuck Schumer.The New Yorker was answering McConnell’s summary of the situation. “Now, I like the majority leader,” Schumer began without a hint of sincerity. Then he proceeded to, in effect, call McConnell a liar.McConnell’s comments, Schumer said, were “so canada goose gloves womens uk absurd, so filled with double standard, with innuendo, with hypocrisy, that you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.”So much for the legendary comity of the Senate. canada goose coats

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