Not to mention your ownMurdered Earth $85 million for perhaps

He received a few funny looks.It wasn’t Batmobile practice so much as it was Bruce Wayne practice.”They say write what you know, and my response to that is if you want to write something you don’t know, just go out there and know it,” Hill told The Washington Post’s Comic Riffs. “What I wanted to do with ‘Detective’ is sort of illustrate a bit of what Bruce’s life is like outside of just being Batman.”Now, Hill is finishing up his”Detective Comics” run with issue No. 987, available Wednesday in print and digitally.In addition to having fun withWayne, Hill also helped flesh out a supporting cast consisting of superhero Black Lightning, occasional Batman sidekicks Batgirl and Orphan Moncler Outlet (who was also once Batgirl), recent Batcave addition the Signal, and Katana of Suicide Squad fame.”Detective Comics” No.

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