If you missing your character essentially gets NPCed and

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Hermes Replica Belt 5 points submitted 7 hours agoWith offline / vs AI races that not the issue since you can do custom lap amounts or tracks and whatnot, like you said. Personally I enjoy longer tracks for that reason too since it gives you bigger margins of error without ruining the whole runThe reason I posted this is mostly because I see a lot of (IMO, justified) complaints about the situation of online racing because a big issue seems to be wallriding, ramming and other dirty techniques from your average teammates / opponentsSince the average of pre defined races against drivatars are either relatively short sprint races or 2/3 lap circuits they often tend to be short, so the average Joe wants to win and thus tries to physically disable the AI instead of just getting ahead of themSince that the only thing average Joe has found to work for winning he going to do and try the same thing in online racing, and boom you have the reason why the majority of people here seem to have a miserable experience with online adventures and racesAnd as a rather unenjoyable consequence of that I see mild amounts of gatekeeping among the lines of “every car past A class is trash and only terrible drivers like those” which doesn seem nice either 3 points submitted 7 hours agoI mean I can do fine in 9/10 races against Expert / Unbeatable ones unless it a Cross Country race or forces S2 classBut what I tried to point out with my post is not the Drivatar difficulty itself, rather that I feel a reason for people hermes replica online driving so horribly (or at least that seems to be the impression you get from every other post or comment here) is because the “strict”ness of AI tends to, let say, encourage cheap drivingIt is definitely real that the Drivatars can corner much more effectively and often fly right past you on straights regardless of what car they have so in some S2 races I had like last week championship you sometimes have to do the one or other cheap shot because that one drivatar in a hermes kelly bag replica Centenario would rubberband/slingshot half a kilometer ahead of everyone else where you can do anything to catch up after the first turnAdd clearing? They (or at least Prometheus) used to be good for swiping red bars off the screen so that the only relatively competition less area, although Huckleberry and every other weapon that has Rampage are closely followingCQC? Shotguns outmatch them in any way, especially IKELOS SGCQC in PvP? Same as above, there literally no reason to pick trace rifles over shotguns if you plan to get up closeMid range ish combat in PvP? Pulse Rifles and HCs especially Luna seem fabulously more reliable, and even if trace rifles were better they still take away an exotic slotLong range consistent damage vs boss enemies? Every power weapon in existence does better at that reallyBut quickly afterwards I spent at least 50 deaths on Vorgeth and the fucken Wizards because they would actively chase me around leading to me having approximately 0.04% effective cover area, while in every solo video I seen all of the enemies passively stick to their spawn points for some magical reasonNeedless to say I gave up the solo attempt but once I got a buddy into my boat we defeated the whole thing twice and got Wish Ender eventually, but I definitely could never have gotten there on my ownNow for the Corrupted quest for Malfeasance.Maybe you should try being rubbish at gambit and getting killed whilst cowering in a corner with 15 motes by a triple hobgoblin headshot all at the same time. Or Getting one shot by a Hive wizard whilst you stuck on some scenery Hermes Replica Belt.