Here’s the one I wrote and recorded today!
Now I’m off to California!

Last night I had this idea to read a few news articles and write a song about them every week day.
Today by 10:30 am I had written my first.
Check it out!

Friday Night was a tasty night at Salvatore’s in Medford.
I dug the vibe, had an awesome pizza and played a few sets of my favorite tunes.
Thanks to everybody who happened to be there. 😉
See you again soon.

Had a really nice time at Scratch kitchen last night. The staff there were super cool, the food and beer were great, and a customer invited us back to Salem to go on a haunted harbor boat tour next weekend. Jenkins! I think I just fell into an episode of Scooby Doo!

I had a great time at Clark’s Tavern in Milford last night. Loved the vibe there. Sarah, Kylie, Sue and Bobby made me feel right at home, so I just rocked out with my new ’79 Fender Bassman Ten. I can’t wait to go back. 😉
Deb made a little video. It’s dark but I like the vibe.;-)

I just threw this compilation of clips together to show an agent.
It looks like I’ll be getting some more gigs soon. 😉
I will keep you informed.

Sep 16 2012

Byfield was awesome!

Thanks to the wonderful crowd and staff at the Cat in the Cradle coffee house in Byfield, I had a great time last night! Byfield reminded me of a small town in VT. The venue was like a town hall. I saw a friend from Brattleboro, and met another guy who knew a couple of my teachers from high school.

On stage it was just me and my guitar. I played about 30 original tunes, which felt amazing after playing so many cover songs at sea in the past few years. In spite of the good crowd, you could hear a pin drop. Between the vibe of the place, the people, and all the original music, it felt like home. Very good for the soul.


Aug 30 2012


Welcome to my website.
Feel free to listen to some music, check out some photos, leave a comment if you please, and have an awesome day. 😉