Apr 24 2015


Here is a song Thomas wrote for a departed friend and talented musician named “Nashville” Nic Mattingly. R.I.P. Nic.

Where it’s at: No turntables and two microphones.
Click on the title below to hear it.
Safe and Sound

Today’s original song of the day evolved as I was playing my electric through a new pedal today and vibed out to this basic progression and melody. I didn’t see much in the news that inspired me so I decided to just wing it lyrically.

I wrote this one between yesterday and today. It’s just a tune about all the info we come across every day. What are we supposed to do with all this “knowledge”? 😉

Today’s song is my plea to Texas to stay in the U.S. I would miss it.

This is my analysis of why Romney lost the election. It’s not so complicated as some people think.

After reading about this amazing girl, Malala, I was inspired to write this tune. I have already come up with some alternative lines but this is the general idea. 😉

I had some fun with this one. Enjoy.

Just a little tune about the day the country makes it’s choice. Ain’t it beautiful?

The song I wrote today is a blues tune about tomorrow’s election. I hope you dig it. 😉

I wrote a great one today in my hotel room in San Diego. Check it out!

Here is my 10/29/2012 song of the day about Romnesia, an affliction that affects many politicians out there….